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What are we about

At Scenic Saunas, we believe in connecting with self, others and nature. We offer beautiful wood fired mobile saunas built with NZ non-toxic sustainable materials. Taking our saunas to amazing locations in the Wellington region, you have a unique opportunity to connect mind, body and soul while enjoying the outdoors. We believe in the healing benefits of sauna with the power of nature to achieve true wellness. Join us and experience our saunas in the most scenic places in Wellington.

Scenic Saunas Days Bay.jpg

Our offerings

  • Natural wood fired heat

  • A range of session options 

  • Multiple scenic locations in the Wellington region

  • Located near a natural water source for those who want to experience benefits of the contrast between hot and cold

  • Our saunas are made with sustainably sourced NZ materials with no harmful chemicals

  • Our saunas are cleaned after every session using natural cleaning products

  • A range of essential oils and relaxing music available

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