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Our Sauna Guidelines

We would like to provide a calm and healing space, in order to do so we ask you to respect the following:

  • Cover up your private bits - towels, clothing, swimwear, it is up to you.

  • Shoes off and sitting on a towel inside the sauna is more comfortable for you and the people who follow you.

  • Take the opportunity to escape and unwind - no phones!

  • How long is too long? We recommend a max of 10-20 mins then take a break outside but everyone is different, so do what feels right for you.

  • It gets hot in the sauna - drink plenty of water before, during and after sauna.  Take a break if you feel dizzy. If you feel unwell seek assistance.

  • This is not a safe place to hang out if you are pregnant, or if you have had alcohol/drugs.

  • I'm hot - the sauna unit is beautiful but please keep a safe distance to avoid burns.

  • Hot and dry - if the air becomes too dry you can ladle a small amount of water onto the sauna stones. Please be courteous and check with others first.

  • Glass and Sauna don't mix - please leave glass items outside.


Most importantly have fun and relax!


Terms and Conditions of using our Services

  1. I have read, understood and agree to follow Scenic Saunas guidelines (available on our website and in our sauna).  If I am unable to do so, management have the right to remove me from the facilities.

  2. I understand that the use of the sauna involves risks (including but not limited to burns, slips and injuries) and I hereby assume full responsibility for any injuries, damages or losses that may occur to me while using the facilities.

  3. I understand the use of the sauna may result in dehydration, heat exhaustion, or other related risks. I am responsible for staying hydrated and recognising my own limits.

  4. I am not aware of any physical or psychological conditions which would place me at additional risk to participate.  These include, but are not limited to, pregnancy, hypertension, vertigo, diabetes, respiratory conditions, and heart conditions.

  5. Any pre-existing health conditions and/or medications should be consulted with a medical professional before participating.

  6. I understand that swimming in a nearby sea/river/lake is not part of the Scenic Sauna services and is completely at my own risk.

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